Pillars Of Light - Sandy

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Discover the beauty of Pillars Of Light, part of NOKA Design's exquisite Statement Pieces collection. These stunning pieces took center stage during Milan Design Week 2022, showcasing a brilliant collaboration with Isola Design.

NOKA is a conceptual brand that proposes hand-sculpted melting art pieces, redesigning candles as a new form of sculpture, whose beauty lies in its eternal transformation. The vision is to transform the concept of home as an experience through the evocation of senses and pleasure being in constant evolution.

Product Details

NOKA candles are 100% handmade with love.

They are made from a blend of vegetable wax and finished off with lead free eco wicks to ensure a beautiful clean burn. 

NOKA are an independent concept brand that believes beauty emerges from unique products that allow individuality and differences in each one of them.

Each process in the supply chain are completely handcrafted.

The Statement Pieces collection is unscented.

Product Variation

Please note that each piece is individually dyed and hand made. This will result in variation in the colour and consistency. Slight blemishes may be visible due to the hand poured nature of this product and should be not be mistaken as a fault- this may include streaks, bumps, dips and fading. Any surface blemishes may be easily resolved by wiping with a clean, dry cloth.

Dimensions & Weight

Height: 30cm

Weight: 1200gm

Care Guide

• Burn within sight

• Keep away from flammables.

• Keep away from children and pets

• Protect from heat to avoid damage

• Please be mindful of the surface you place your candle on, dripping does occur.

Over time, a frosty film may develop on the surface of the candle. If you prefer a polished appearance, you can easily remove the film by gently wiping it with a cloth and a carrier oil. This method helps restore the candle's smooth and glossy surface, ensuring its visual appeal is maintained. Remember to handle the candle with care while performing this cleaning process to avoid any damage.


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NOKA offers an avant-gardist vision with ethically, sustainable, and handcrafted luxurious interior design products.

NOKA are two women embarking on a journey to evoke the senses with perfumes, shapes, and colors. The ecological and ethical challenges that weigh on our generation have been a source of innovation to develop products completely handcrafted with as many natural materials realistically possible.